Services I Offer

Counselling and Counsultancy


 Use EMDR to find relief by desensitising traumatic materials, allowing the body to process it and move past the traumatic experiences

Integrative therapy

In my therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behaviour, by re-framing thinking and learning new coping mechanisms.

Meditating on Beach

Whether you are a public or private sector business, organisation or school, use my expertise to integrate mental wellbeing, inclusion and cultural identity into your practices.

Identity and resilience

This bespoke 2 part workshop is designed to support people's resilience by understanding thinking, looking at self-identity and learning new coping mechanisms to enhance people's resilience.

Group of Friends
Image by Clay Banks

 Mixed Race Resilience

This bespoke workshop is design to psycho-educate on mixed race identity, how invalidation and micro-aggressions impact on identity and importantly ways to grow resiliently.