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About me

Calanthia Lilburn MEd

Masters Degree: Applying Psychology

Foundation Degree: Counselling,





I believe everyone's journey to healing and understanding is unique, there is no other you, your identity and experiences are yours. As such, I use an integrated EMDR approach to therapy, I will meet you where you are at and bring my skills and experiences with me to aid you.

As a qualified integrative counsellor and a member of BACP, I have gained extensive qualifications, holding a foundation degree in Counselling and a Master's degree in Psychology and Education. I am currently completing EMDR accreditation

I have over 400 hours of counselling experience and have gained a wealth of knowledge from my Masters research and current EMDR accreditation process. 


Over the years have worked as a youth counsellor in various schools across Northern Ireland as well as providing counselling services for community organisations. 

From my Master's degree and working experience I have extensive knowledge on black and mixed race identity development and resilience. 


I run a private practice which is currently online counselling counselling only, due to COVID. I also provide consultation on Black and Mixed Race related issues and Mental Wellbeing. 

I specialise in:


Identity Issues, Self-Esteem, Anxiety and Trauma related issues and discrimination.



Your Counselling Journey

How therapy works...

Therapy helps by creating a safe, non judgemental space, where you can reflect on and process experiences, problems and life choices.  Therapy can help break negative patterns of behaviour and find resolution.

Everyone is unique in their experiences, as such, i  adopt an integrated approach to counselling to suit your individual needs. I work using EMDR (Eye movement desensitisation and reprogramming), Psycho-dynamic, Cognitive-behavioural, Humanistic and Mindfulness therapies.


The journey begins with contact

I understand that it can be difficult to ask for help and to trust someone with your inner thoughts and feelings. The first step is to call, text or email me and we will  talk briefly about what is making you seek therapy at this time. During this stage I will also discuss my professional fees and answer your questions about your therapy journey with me. Appointments can be face to face or Zoom

Next we will arrange an assessment appointment. This will be a 50 minute session in order to look at your history, your goals and address any concerns you may have. I will also talk to you about the therapy policies. EMDR assessments will last approx. 1h 30 mins.

Then an assessment appointment
Scheduling therapy time

After assessment we will arrange a regular time and day to meet. This is usually once a week for the duration of the therapy. 


All therapy sessions and documents will be treated as confidential. However, there are limits to confidentiality in cases where there is risk to self or to others, or mandated by a court of law.



Calanthia Lilburn MEd

County Down, Northern Ireland

07857 597543


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